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Our local SEO agency enables you to achieve the top 3 from the local pack and a higher ranking of your website through targeted search engine optimization (SEO).

Local SEO



Do you know the following CHALLENGES?


While your competitors appear at the top of Google, can't you find your store in your town? Sales and results are missing.


You've already invested a website and maybe money in SEO, but your company still can't be found? Are there hardly any visitors and online inquiries?

No Google

maps entry

While your competition is shown on Google Maps, are they looking for you in vain? Would you like to put an end to customer churn?



#1 in the local pack
Keyword: pediatric ophthalmologist Zurich

Across the Limits

From space #1 in place #4 In 7 days
Keyword: Fitness Altstetten


Top 3 in the local pack
Keyword: Gourmet Restaurant Basel
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Our local SEO agency offers local companies such as a craft business, restaurant, gym, medical practice an opportunity to expand their online presence locally.

Local SEO focuses on optimizing the Google company profile (formerly Google My Business), the texts on your website, and the entries in local company directories.



Kim von Däniken & Ato Herzig
7+ years of experience with
search engine optimization (SEO).

Local SEO audit

At the beginning of a local SEO campaign, we always do an SEO audit with a local SEO strategy first. This is necessary to identify the current optimization potential of the Google company profile and the website, and to draw a comparison with the competition.

Local searches

With a top ranking in local search results, local searches in the area or city can be intercepted. This can help to get more customer inquiries, increase traffic on the website and generally achieve higher visibility of your own brand.Personal Trainer Zürich" oder Coiffeur Winterthur" eine höhere Sichtbarkeit und mehr Kundenanfragen erzielen willst, dann kann Local SEO dazu beitragen, dieses Ziel zu erreichen.

Local SEO führt zu einer Steigerung des lokalen Traffics auf der Website und führt zu einer höheren Sichtbarkeit im Local Pack durch Google Business.

Top 3 in the local pack

The goal of every local SEO strategy is to get into the top 3 of the local pack. The ranking of organic search results should also be improved by optimizing texts and placing company directory links.beliebtesten SEO-Dienstleistungen in der Schweiz. Das Ziel jeder Local SEO Strategie ist es, in die Top 3 des Local Packs zu gelangen. Ebenso soll durch die Optimierung der Texte sowie der Platzierung von Firmenverzeichnis-Links das Ranking bei organischen Suchergebnissen verbessert werden.


Get data, figures and facts about how much revenue potential your website has and why your competition is better found than you.

Analysis of visitor, inquiry and sales potential
Competitive analysis
Recommendations for action & tips
Analysis is carried out in 48 hours
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BENEFITS our local SEO agency



Google Business Analytics
website analysis
Backlink analysis
Local SEO Strategy
Results discussion (1h)
Implementation in 7 days


1,000 CHF

Google Business optimization
Focus keyword optimization
50 company directory links
100x Review Cards (Print)
SEO text optimization website
Bing Places synchronization
Implementation in 14 days


Starting at 390 CHF/month

Ongoing profile support
Responding to all reviews
1 Google post per week
More Google reviews
Access to Rating Matters
24/7 monitoring
Monthly status report
If you want potential customers to find you locally on Google, you need local SEO. This includes optimizing the Google company profile, website and backlinks.
Ato Herzig
Co-Founder, Beyondweb GmbH




In a free consultation, we will advise you on your current SEO concerns and problems.



As a first step, we carry out a local SEO audit and check the status quo of your website and Google profile.



Based on the local SEO audit, we implement the optimizations on your Google company profile and website.


How does local SEO work?

Local SEO is one of several forms of search engine optimization (SEO). It is also often referred to as local search engine optimization.

Local SEO aims to intercept local search queries and increase the visibility of the company in the respective location, region or city.

Local SEO optimizes your online presence to rank higher in local search results. The optimization focuses on your company profile on Google (Google Business), the texts on your website and company directory links.

If these aspects are optimized accordingly, you can rank better in the vicinity of your location or in your city.

With our expertise and experience as an SEO agency, we can quickly and efficiently get your company up on Google.

Why should I increase my online presence locally

Optimizing your website by a local SEO agency can increase your visibility in Google's local search results. This not only improves the chance of being found near you by your potential customers, but also increases the likelihood of being included in the Google My Business Local Pack. A strong local SEO strategy improves the visibility of your company profile and website, which results in a better ranking and more customer traffic.

What is the Local Pack?

The Local Pack is the Google Maps map that always appears first when you enter a keyword with local search intent on Google (e.g. “Maler Basel”, “Restaurant Zürich”, “Fitness St. Gallen”).

The Local Pack features the 3 “most relevant” company profiles. The goal of a local SEO agency is to get your company into the top 3 search results of the local pack.

How can a local SEO agency improve my rankings?

A specialized SEO agency implements various strategies to improve your ranking in local search results. This includes optimizing your Google business profile, applying targeted SEO strategies, and adapting your content to local searches. This leads to an improved online presence and a higher ranking in search results, which in turn attracts more customers.

How important is Google My Business for my local SEO strategy?

Google My Business (actually called Google Business today) is an essential part of your local SEO strategy. A well-maintained business profile increases your visibility in local search results and in the Google Local Pack. It also allows customers to leave reviews, which further increases your credibility and visibility. An experienced local SEO agency can help you optimize your profile and thus maximize your presence on the web.

Is local SEO worthwhile for a small business?

Yes, local SEO is particularly interesting for small, local companies with a local catchment area of customers. This includes companies such as restaurants, bakers or electricians. By optimizing your website and Google business profile for local searches, you can emphasize proximity to potential customers in your area and rank higher in local search results. This makes your business more visible to users who are looking for services in your area.

How do you measure the success of a local SEO campaign?

The success of a Local SEO campaign can be measured by various factors, including ranking in local search results, the number of times your Google My Business profile is viewed, visibility in Google Maps search, as well as feedback and reviews from customers. As a professional SEO agency, we provide you with appropriate reports and analyses to measure the progress of the local SEO campaign.

In the case of one-off Google Business optimizations, we measure the placement at the beginning and 3 weeks after the last optimizations. While maintaining your Google profile on an ongoing basis, we will send you monthly status reports.

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